Harnessing the Potential of SAP Business Technology Platform for Empowering Digital Transformation

harnessing the potential of sap business technology platform for empowering digital transformation

Imagine you own a store that sells different types of candies. As your business grows, you want to add new products to your inventory.

With the help of SAP BTP, you can quickly expand your system landscape thanks to side-by-side extensions. You can also automate your processes and harness the potential of your data with intelligent (business) services.

Embrace Openness

Business models rapidly evolve in digital transformation, and companies need a flexible platform to adapt to these changes. This is why the SAP business technology platform offers a cloud-based infrastructure that delivers scalability and flexibility, making it easier for businesses to implement new applications and integrate systems. Additionally, this model enables clients to tailor the services and tools to their specific needs.

As an open platform, SAP BTP also allows the development and extension of applications. In addition to this, it facilitates the seamless integration of SAP and non-SAP solutions, breaking down data silos and allowing for a more holistic view of operations. It helps companies to make better decisions based on real-time data.

Moreover, SAP BTP’s multi-cloud foundation enables businesses to choose from various cloud infrastructure providers and programming languages. It allows for a more self-reliant user experience and faster project completion times. In addition to this, the solution offers a subscription-based commercial model. This cost-effective way to use the service ensures that your company only pays for the resources it consumes.

To help you get started, SAP BTP’s value maps are a one-stop shop for a wealth of self-consumable resources that provide best-practice documentation, guided demos, and informational videos. Expert help is available from an active community of peers.

Simplify IT Landscape

Often, organizations have many systems, applications, and services that connect to streamline business operations and integrate with modern technologies. However, this can also be a complex landscape to manage, and the complexity increases as you take on significant projects such as system landscape optimization (SLO) or business process innovation.

Imagine that you run a candy store that has expanded to include more types of treats like cookies and chocolates. To help customers differentiate your store from other stores, you should change your branding to reflect your new offerings. Similarly, it would help if you changed your IT environment to support the latest innovations you are adopting and ensure all of your systems can work together.

With SAP BTP, you have a comprehensive platform for innovation and integration that provides the tools, extensions, and solutions you need to create custom applications, expand systems, and automate processes in one unified environment. The platform also offers advanced analytics and intelligent technologies to enable data-driven decision-making and drive business performance outcomes.

With a simplified IT landscape and simplified management, you can reduce costs and save time by streamlining administrative tasks with a centralized solution. You can also optimize your IT investments and gain more control with a scalable, fully managed infrastructure platform on leading cloud providers.

Adapt to Future Trends

With its unified data exchange and real-time analytics, SAP BTP provides a secure foundation for business intelligence that allows you to transform and optimize your business processes. Its intelligent technologies offer the power of machine learning and AI to improve business productivity and automate processes. Its scalable and resilient platform enables you to connect with IoT devices and deliver improved planning and analysis capabilities to support better quota and territory management, increase attainment, and accelerate revenue growth.

BTP’s platform accommodates various applications, data sources, and operating systems to meet your business needs. It ensures a smoother migration to the cloud and a streamlined integration of your long-term investments. It also enables you to build and extend your digital landscape by leveraging its comprehensive business content or integrating with third-party solutions.

The rebranding of SAP Cloud Platform to SAP Business Technology Platform was designed to reflect its evolution from a cloud-based development platform to a complete suite of technologies that go beyond infrastructure as a service (IaaS). The new name also helps highlight the broad range of capabilities offered.

Whether you need to build new enterprise-ready apps, integrate processes, automate tasks, or analyze financial information and human impact, your team will be empowered to innovate faster with BTP’s tools and technologies — all within a governed environment. With a consumption-based commercial model, you can reduce complexity and costs with self-provisioning, real-time usage, and billing.

Drive Strategic Migration to the Cloud

The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) offers a powerful platform for cloud operations. Whether you’re looking to innovate core business processes or expand your applications to support new business models, BTP delivers proven cloud application best practices to help accelerate outcomes and reduce costs without compromising security and compliance. It also enables you to run confidently on leading public clouds with SAP, managing your installations for reliability and peace of mind.

With BTP, you can use a pay-as-you-go model for services that allow you to test or implement solutions in the cloud and pay only for what you need. This is especially helpful for those who are just starting or have limited budgets.

BTP uses open standards to connect your systems securely so you can share information across your entire enterprise. It helps you avoid costly custom coding, a significant benefit for IT teams struggling with resource constraints. In addition, BTP provides advanced technologies to simplify integration with a single version of truth and speed innovation.

For example, the SAP BTP Application Development pillar allows you to develop custom applications using a low code/no code architecture that decouples customization from the core product, making maintenance easier. Moreover, the Integrated Workforce Management pillar uses intelligent optimization and analytics technologies to drive more agile HR, operational, financial, and strategic planning planning.