Adult birthdays often pass by without much fanfare, but consciously celebrating them has significant psychological rewards.

Newspaper archives are like the treasure box of genealogical research. They are an important source of information and can be used as a substitute for missing vital records such as birth, death or marriage.

Puppy play is an integral part of your puppy's critical socialization period. During puppy play, it's OK for puppies to pounce, wrestle, pin, mouth, and chase each other.

Resumes and background checks can only tell you so much about an applicant. Interviews allow you to get more in-depth information about your applicants and can help you find the perfect sitter for your family.

Feeding Your Furry Friend for Less

A low-quality diet can lead to costly problems for your pet over time. The good news is that keeping your pet healthy while sticking with a budget is possible.

Cousin relationships are categorized based on how many generations back you share a common ancestor. A first cousin once removed is your parent's first cousin or their child.

French bulldogs' unique appearance and charming personalities make them popular for dog lovers. However, several factors should be considered before bringing one of these pups home.

The Best Board Games for Family Bonding

The best board games for family bonding teach strategy, logical thinking, and math skills. They're also great for teaching kids about patience, slowing down, and taking their time.