The Advantages of Renting a Van When Sightseeing in Iceland

the advantages of renting a van when sightseeing in iceland

Iceland is a stunning country with natural wonders on every corner. Breathtaking mountains, otherworldly glaciers, and captivating lava fields characterize the landscape of this polar island. If you want to witness the spectacular scenery of this unique land, you should rent a van. It offers many advantages over a regular car.

Easy to Use

Regardless of whether you’re traveling solo or with friends, an Iceland rental van is the easiest way to explore Iceland. It will enable you to travel the entire country without stress or problems. It will also save you a lot of money because the government is cashless, and you can easily use your debit or credit card in most places.

A van is also great for visiting the many natural hot springs and geothermal spas Iceland has to offer. Please bring a pair of flip-flops to make it easier to get in and out of these relaxing pools. Iceland also has stunning black sand beaches, towering waterfalls, and glaciers. Bring your camera along with you. You will want to take a few epic shots or videos of these incredible landscapes. A GoPro is a good choice, but a drone may be better for more rugged outdoor activities.

A headlamp or flashlight will be handy if you’re traveling in winter. This is because the sun rises late and sets early in Iceland. This can affect your sleeping patterns, especially when camping in the countryside. You may also want to bring a sleep mask to help block out the light and ensure a good night’s rest.

Flexible Rent Plan

There are a few ways to get around Iceland: rental car, campervan, or bus. All have their pros and cons, but a camper van might be the best option if you are looking for flexibility and comfort. A campervan will allow you to take a slow, relaxing pace when sightseeing in Iceland and stop for a picnic or to explore off-the-beaten-track attractions.

You can choose where to stay each night and spend as much time as you want at each attraction. It is easy to get caught up in planning a tight schedule for your trip to Iceland, but cramming too many sights into each day can be exhausting and make you miss out on the experience of this fantastic country.

If you rent a van, you can enjoy the freedom of taking the road less traveled and stopping for that perfect photograph or chatting with locals about their life in Iceland. It is also possible to save money on meals by cooking in your camper. Eating out can add up quickly, especially in Iceland.

A campervan is an excellent option for exploring Iceland during the summer. It is the warmest season of the year when all roads are open, and it is possible to see puffins, whales, and other wildlife.


One of the most significant advantages of renting a van to travel around Iceland is that it’s significantly cheaper than booking separate hotels for each night of your trip. It’s also a more flexible option when it comes to your itinerary. You can stay longer in a particular region or visit a unique attraction you didn’t anticipate. With a campervan, you can take your time and explore the best of Iceland’s natural wonders at your own pace.

Iceland is known for its beautiful scenery, including soaring mountains and waterfalls. However, you’ll only see the best of these natural marvels if you can access a vehicle that allows you to drive to all its remote destinations. A rented campervan will free you to go through the rugged volcanic tundra, around massive fjords backed by spectacular glacier-capped mountains, and sleep under the stars and elusive Northern Lights. You can also camp near major tourist sights and enjoy them before the crowds arrive.

While you should visit Iceland in the summer for the reasons above, it’s also worth visiting during the winter. This is because winter is Iceland’s low season and offers travelers a new world to discover. In the winter, you’ll find more affordable pricing on flights, accommodation, tours, and car rentals.

More Space for Luggage

Unlike public transportation, where you must stick to set schedules and routes, a passenger van allows you to take detours when necessary. This can lead to unexpected discoveries that can enrich your travel experience. This level of autonomy also makes it easier to stop at museums and other cultural landmarks.

Iceland is a Nordic island country on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge between Europe and North America. Its volcanic landscape features lava fields and geysers, while massive glaciers fill the interior highlands and form fjords on both coasts. Despite its Arctic location, the climate is temperate, thanks to the Gulf Stream.

Reykjavik, the capital, is a thriving city, handsome in aspect and cosmopolitan in outlook. Its historic center encompasses the old town, with its colorful houses and shops and the Hallgrimskirkja church. The National and Saga Museums provide insight into the Viking past.

In addition to traditional farming and fishing, Iceland is a major center for renewable energy, with geothermal and hydroelectric power making up the bulk of its electricity supply. It is also a major fish, meat, seafood, and dairy product exporter. The country is home to various birds, including the majestic golden eagle and the rare puffin. Mammals include the Arctic fox, mink rats, and several wild seals. Icelanders also breed horses, sheep, and goats.