Revolutionizing Dabbing - A Guide to Essential Electric Dab Rig Accessories

revolutionizing dabbing a guide to essential electric dab rig accessories

The dabbing world has undergone a technological revolution by introducing electric rigs and e-nails. These innovative devices offer improved convenience, precision, and customization.

E-rigs utilize electronic heat to elevate the flavor and potency of concentrates. With precision temperature control, dabs are heated at the ideal temperature to preserve nuanced terpene profiles.


An electronic device replaces a typical dab nail called an e-nail, which can be programmed to precisely the right temperature for dabs or concentrates. It allows for better flavor and potency, eliminating the need for a torch. E-nails can be portable, desktop, or hybrid, with each type offering a different experience.

Whether you’re an experienced dabber searching for consistent and precise heating or a newcomer to the world of electric dabbing, an e-nail will transform your rig. The technology offers a user-friendly experience, and many e-nails feature haptic feedback to signal power-on, temperature adjustments, and heating completion.

When choosing an e-nail, consider the size of your rig, preferred nail materials and flavors, cleaning ease, and dish size. Most dabbers select a quartz titanium domeless nail, which is durable and compatible with various joint sizes. Other popular e-nail options include flat coils and barrel-style heat coils with bottom heating. The latter option, however, is often favored by owners since it delivers more heat to the surface of the dab dish.

Carb Cap

A carb cap is a crucial electric dab rig accessories that helps regulate your dab’s heat and air pressure. It does this by preventing air from flowing into the banger, which lowers the material’s boiling point. It enables you to perform low-temperature dabs that preserve the flavor of your wax and allow for more efficient vaporization.

There are several carb caps, each designed for a specific purpose. For example, a bubble carb cap has rounded protrusions on both ends with hollow stems that can be rotated to create a spinning vortex inside the banger and speed up vaporization. Directional carb caps, also known as spinner carb caps, feature angled slits that direct the flow of cool air into the banger. It allows for a more controlled and precise dabbing experience and can be used with flat and slanted nails.

Standard carb caps are flat pieces of glass or titanium that block airflow. They are simple, easy to use, and fit all flat-top bangers.


The mouthpiece separates the vapor from your lungs when you take a hit. It is a necessary accessory for any dab rig and works the same way as the mouthpiece on traditional bongs.

They usually come in glass or stainless steel and vary depending on your joint size. A smaller mouthpiece is better for beginners as it reduces the vapor you inhale.

Mouthpieces also come with a carb cap, which helps to control airflow and temperature and can result in a smoother hit. Another popular accessory is a dabber tool, which handles and transfers your concentrates onto the heated nail. It makes dabbing easier for users of all skill levels and helps prevent burns and spills.

Other accessories include terp pearls, which help to keep your bangers at the ideal dabbing temperature for maximum flavor and consistency. Reclaim catchers are another must-have item, allowing you to reuse any leftover reclaimed material for future sessions. And finally, a dab mat is an excellent choice for any dabbing enthusiast, as it provides a soft base for your rig and email to prevent tipping.

Nail Cleaner

Designed for precision and portability, an electric dab rig is an excellent alternative to traditional glass dab rigs. They heat much faster than a butane torch, making it easy to start your session without waiting. Plus, they typically have a higher capacity for vapor production than their glass counterparts.

Whether you’re looking for something compact and portable or large and robust, there’s an electric dab rig out there for every style and budget. Check the battery life and temperature range, which vary widely across products.

To start your dabbing session, turn on the device and select your desired temperature. Then, drop your chosen wax or shatter onto the nail (unless you’ve already pre-loaded your dabs) and inhale the delicious vapor that results from your hard work! Consider investing in a dab rig with a built-in water percolator for even more flavorful vapor. 

Water Tank

It is the same part that houses water on a traditional dab rig, but on an e-rig, it serves a much different purpose. It’s the area that holds your vapor and concentrate, and it’s usually made from glass that can withstand high temperatures and be easy to clean.

It’s also common for a dab rig’s base to come with a few different filtration options to improve the quality of your vapor. It is essential because a lousy base can ruin your experience by giving you a stale, flavorless dab.

Other helpful e-rig accessories include a stand or holder for your nails and tools. These are important because they can help keep all your equipment organized in one place and make it easier to access when needed. They can also save you from having to lay your tools and swabs on the table, where they can get sticky or burn the surface, and they’re typically made of glass or silicone so that hot swabs won’t melt them. They can also be more aesthetically pleasing than a pile of swabs scattered across the table.