PS5 DualSense Controller for Sale: Tips for Making a Smart Purchase

ps5 dualsense controller for sale tips for making a smart purchase

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller looks fantastic and boasts premium features like haptics and adaptive triggers that enhance immersion. It can even double as a PC gamepad via Bluetooth, though it doesn’t support the full suite of features.

However, competing third-party options like the Xbox Elite Series 2 have unique plus points (like adjustable triggers) and offer longer battery life. Which is the best one to buy?

Make Sure It’s Compatible With Your Console

PS5 dualsense controller is a great way to add an extra gaming experience to your console. It features immersive haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone. It also has a 3.5mm headphone connection that you may use with your preferred earbuds or headsets. Plus, it has that iconic button and control stick layout you know and love.

The redesigned Cosmic Red wireless controller gives you the edge to conquer new gaming frontiers. Its vivid two-tone design is inspired by the stunning shades of red found throughout the universe. Its sleek metal finish is complemented by matching button detail for an elegant finish. It is designed with personalization and high performance and includes removable buttons, tunable sticks and triggers, and changeable stick caps. Easily switch between gamer profiles, capture and broadcast epic gaming moments with the Create button, and enhance gameplay with a built-in speaker that delivers rich, three-dimensional audio.

Take on the competition with a new level of performance, comfort, and customization. Experience a more profound gaming experience with immersive haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers, and a built-in mic2 integrated into an iconic, comfortable design. Connect using a USB Type-C cable or the DualSense charging station (sold separately) for fast, wireless recharging.

Check for Damage

It’s rare for a new console to launch without issues, and unfortunately, the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller is no exception. The controller has been plagued with a problem called analog stick drift, which causes the sticks to become misaligned. This may cause the experience to become ruined entirely or result in a loss of accuracy.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to prevent this issue from occurring. Initially, confirm that the controller is ultimately charged. You can also clean the analog sticks using a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Place a small amount of the solution on the cotton swab and run it across the edges of the analog stick’s base. Lastly, you can clear off any dust lodged inside the controller using a pressurized air canister.

Additionally, you should always keep your controller in a case when not in use to avoid damage. If you have any doubts about the condition of a used controller, ask if a warranty covers it. Most retailers will allow you to return a product within 30 days of purchase if it’s defective.

As a bonus, the DualSense Edge includes a USB-C cable that can link the controller to your computer and recharge its battery. It also comes with two different back paddles, which add more functionality to the gamepad. However, it doesn’t support Steam on PC and doesn’t include features like customizable trigger stops and multiple settings profiles.

Check the Battery Life

A high battery life in your controller is essential, allowing you to play for longer periods without charging it. However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore the need to check the battery occasionally. If you forget to do this, your gaming session could be cut short in the middle of a great game. Fortunately, checking the battery level in your DualSense controller is quick and easy.

The DualSense controller is currently on sale. This is much cheaper than the higher-end DualSense Edge, which has extra features like adjustable trigger buttons, removable rear paddles and joysticks, a cable-locking mechanism, and a nifty hardshell case. However, the price tag also means you’ll have to spend more time charging the device than buying it.

You can quickly check the battery of your PS5 DualSense controller on your PC, as the device is compatible with a particular DS4 Windows app. Connect your controller via USB or Bluetooth and head to the Controller section of the application. You will see the exact percentage of battery life remaining in your console there, and turning off the controller when not in use is also recommended, as this can optimize your battery life and reduce input lag.

Check for Warranty

When shopping for a PS5 DualSense Controller for sale, you’ll want to ensure the item is covered under a warranty. This will ensure that you can have it repaired or replaced if necessary. This is especially important if you use the controller for gaming purposes.

The Dual Sense wireless controller delivers immersive haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone, all integrated into an iconic, comfortable design. Feel your in-game actions and environment simulated through haptic feedback, experience varying force, and tension at your fingertips with adaptive triggers, or chat online using the built-in microphone. You can connect a headset directly via the 3.5mm jack for a complete gaming immersion experience.

This product is backed by the manufacturer’s guarantee for 12 months from the date of purchase. This warranty covers any repairs or replacements required due to manufacturing defects and does not cover wear and tear from everyday use. It is essential to carefully read the manufacturer’s warranty policy to understand what is and isn’t covered by this guarantee.

Energize your galaxy-themed gaming expeditions with the Dual Sense wireless controller, part of an expanded line-up that echoes the superheated power of erupting stars. Play your way with customizable controls and swappable stick caps to equip for any game. Record and broadcast epic gaming moments with the create button, and enjoy high performance that supports a rich library of games with advanced features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.